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When you fly into Viking Island, you are leaving roads behind and entering Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Walleye, Northern, Perch and Lake Trout fishing is excellent here. Douglas is the main lake within a group of deep, small, productive lakes. Onnie, Spider, Peterson, Page, Frank's, Hatchet, Caribou, Embryo, Anchor, and Foley Lakes are all within reach with boats and motors ready. It is at the top of the watershed flowing east into Red Lake. When you travel to Embryo, you cross into the watershed running west to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.
From Viking Island, there are many directions to go. Each day can be a different adventure. The staff at the island are available for advice but you plan your own trips and drive your own boat. You can fish the main lake for an hour or two and come back to the lodge for lunch. If you prefer an adventure, there are many possibilities, ask the staff to pack you a shore lunch and boat or canoe up a river, walk a portage, or take an overnight trip.

The Map

 You drive your own boat and plan your own adventures.   Check out the map and see how you can fish a different lake each day.

The Lakes

Douglas Lake itself offers excellent fishing for walleye, northern and lake trout.  If you like adventure, there are 9 other lakes to explore.  Many have boats and motors waiting.

The Fish



Lake Trout

Canoe Trips

Make Viking Island the start of your canoeing adventure! Bring your own canoe or use one of ours.