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Viking Island

Box 1511

Red Lake, ON, P0V 2M0



Tel: (807) 727-3547

Cell: (807) 727-0503
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In November, 2014, Vito Tarantino took over Viking Island from Enid and Hugh Carlson.  Vito is a Red Lake boy with a love for fishing, hunting and the bush.  He owns and operates Vito Tarantino Limited which is a very successful welding, fabricating and mechanical shop.  He is well known for his skill in designing and building equipment for the mines and for out in the bush. 

His plans for Viking Island include new docks and upgraded cabins.  However he likes the atmosphere as it is and has no plans to change the size or the casual atmosphere of the place.


While Vito is not at Viking Island during the week, they are up every weekend, and they have excellent staff that will take care of you during your stay.