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Douglas Lake

Viking Island is centrally located on Douglas Lake.  You will find walleye, northern and lake trout here.  It is known as a very productive lake with a variety of fishing environments.  Many people fish exclusively on this lake.  There is a great island set up for shore lunch.

Peterson Lake

This lake is one portage to the west from Douglas Lake, also called the Blueberry Portage.  Boats, motors and gas await on the shore.  It is the perfect adventure.  There is a geo-cache somewhere near this lake for those interested in the mystery.  Bring a trinket for the cache. 

Here you will find northern and lake trout.

From Peterson, you can travel on to Page Lake where a boat and motor await.  You will find northern and lake trout here.  Not too many people venture this far, so fishing is pristine.

Page Lake

From Peterson you can portage over a short hill to Page Lake.  Not too many people adventure as far as Page, it is almost untouched.  You will find great trout and Northern fishing here.  If you still have the adventure bug after fishing on Page, you can portage even farther to Frank's and Sullivan Lakes, both for great Northern fishing. 

Onnie Creek

Are you up for an adventure?  Take a trip up Onnie Creek.

Travel up Onnie Creek through Spider Lake. Pull over beaver dams, walk around rapids, scrape over the rocks and catch a new view around each bend. Go by canoe for a quiet trip into our beautiful boreal forest or drive a small boat up the creek. Fishing along the way is fine. You will want to stop in Spider Lake for a bit of fishing for northern and walleye. This creek is an entrance to Woodland Caribou Wilderness Provincial Park. This can be a nature photography adventure. Be quiet and maybe you will come upon a moose eating water lilies or a mother duck with her brood. Once in Onnie Lake, check the cliffs where the turkey vultures nest and catch some walleye for your lunch on Shorelunch Island. This trip creates memories that last a life time. Just ask the adventurers who have gone this way.  This trip up Onnie Creek can be part of a three day canoe trip which takes a circle route ending back at Viking Island. For more information on this trip call us at (807) 727-3547.

Hatchet, Caribou & Embryo

Excellent northern and lake trout fishing

Travel the portage up a short steep trail to Hatchet.  Find 2 boats and motors there.  This long narrow lake is known for northern and lake trout.  If you like, portage from here across the watershed to Caribou Lake where again you will find boats and motors.  Caribou is known for unique lake trout.  One kind is light coloured and deep.  The other is brilliant black with a slimmer profile.  These lakes are well worth the trip.

Travel even further off the beaten path to Embryo, boats and motors are here.  You will find Northern, Trout and Walleye in Embryo.

Foley Lake

Hike over to Foley Lake to fish for Perch if you're looking for a change of pace.  The water is clear and you can watch the schools of fish - the hardest part is getting your hook through the schools of samller fish to the big ones below!